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Most popular hangout place in Bandung in 2016

Image result for suga rush bandungBandung is one of the mega cities are packed with cool air filled with hills. This makes Bandung is a tourist spot to second after Jakarta. Additionally in Bandung also many colleges established schools which means that lots of young people will move to the city to go to school.

It already can be sure that the Bandung starch has a place to hang out in a fun and cozy. Every city definitely has a place to hang out in a fun and cozy to enjoy. But if you're in Bandung do not get to miss some really cozy hangout below.

Here are the most popular hangout places in Bandung in 2016:

Suga Rush
Suga Rush Cafe located in downtown Bandung precisely in the way Braga No. 83 Bandung. Interior cafe from outside red makes everyone would want to stop by. However the design in it as unique as it may seem crowded with accessories in each corner but has its own power of dance that still looks cozy.

Popular menu at this place is the Red Velvet, Rainbow Cake, Baked Rice with multiple choices of taste like spicy tuna, beef, loin pasta, macaroni, mushroom, and cronuts that is a mix between Croissant and Donnuts. While Sugarush Mocktail drink, caramello, banana milkshake, Lemon Squash and others. The food menu here offered moved at a relatively affordable price of around Rp. 18,000 to Rp. 45,000.

Bober Cafe
Hangout that is open 24 hours is located at Jl. R. E Martadinata No. 123 Bandung. In addition to the 24-hour cafe also provides live music to accompany your time relaxing in Bober Cafe.

The menu is served in the cafe as Tirtilla bber Chips, Chicken Cordon Blue, nasgor Bober, Garden Salad, spring rolls, steak, soup, Spaghetti Marinara and more. While the drink menu such as coffee, milkshakes, mojito, juice and tea. The price is relatively affordable, with food prices ranging from Rp. 11,000 to Rp. 43,000, while the prices of drinks ranging between Rp. 5,000 to Rp. 19,000.

Most popular hangout place in Singapore in 2016 furthermore that Dakken coffe and steak. Hangout is located at Jl. R.E. Martadinata No. 67, Cihapit Bandung. The unique design and exquisite food menu makes Dakken is always crowded.

The food menu was delicious and popular in this restaurant as Vealoin Steak, buffalo wings, Irish Coffee Float, chicken quesadillas and Mexican Rice. The menu prices at this restaurant range between Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 52,000.

Caffe Benne
One Caffe serving typical Korean food, if you are lovers of Korean food then you must try the tasting menu and the food at Caffe benne. Caffe is located at Jl. Ir. H. Juanda 155, Bandung.

The food menu is most famous as Mango Mojito, Chocolate Muffin, Green Tea Ice Cream, waffles, gelato, bingsu and Red Bean Bingsu. Red bean bingsu most delicious famous here in Bandung tablets, so you must try. About the price is in this place where coffee is more expensive than others, but the place is very relaxed and cozy.

That is the most popular hangout places in Bandung in 2016 that you must visit. If you need a place to hang out in Singapore for just chatting or eating pretty. Do not forget to visit the most popular hangout places in Bandung in 2016.

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