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Negative and Positive Impact of Alcohol

It is important for us to know the negative and positive effects of alcohol consumption. Alcoholic beverages are very synonymous with booze. Everyone of course knows what it was liquor although it has never used it. Liquor that we know most of which contain chemicals called with alcohol. Drinks are of course very dangerous when people are drunk or after taking a 180-degree turn. Besides liquor is one drink that was strictly forbidden for Muslims in the world. So for those who are religious Muslims do not ever try to eat them even have positive and negative impacts that will be our  in this article.
Alcoholic beverages other than prohibited by religion, is also strictly prohibited by law as it related adverse effects caused by consuming alcoholic beverages. Not only health, but also mental damage in terms of the nation's children. For more details, just note the following review of the positive and negative impacts of alcohol.
Here are the Negative and Positive Impact of Alcohol
Positive Impact of Alcohol
Consuming a dose of a glass of wine or wine per day may slow bone loss and reduce the risk of dying prematurely if it is consumed by women. Meanwhile, if consumed by man will prevent prostate cancer. Not only that wine can prevent a variety of other serious disease such as stroke, diabetes, cancer and many others.
The beer is a beverage made from fermented wheat through a process that is believed to be beneficial for reducing heart disease. While beer when consumed with a low dosage which can be used as anti-cancer if consumed daily. One and a half glasses of beer per day can improve insulin sensitivity, reduce the risk of diabetes and kidney stones. In addition, protein in beer is able to protect the brain or Alzheimer threats and attacks breast cancer in women.
Alcoholic beverage that the latter is vodka. Benefits which is owned by vodka is able to beautify the skin up to the head. Benefits for skin care such as minimize pores, the way just rubbing vodka with cotton on your face. So because of that vodka is often used for cosmetic ingredient mixture.
Well that  effects of alcohol, but for the negative impacts are as follows:
Organic causes of Mental Disorders (GMO)
The negative impact caused by the first alcoholic drink is an organic mental disorder can cause or often referred to as GMO. This disorder makes people become irritable, violent and often have problems on the surrounding environment. Besides changes in the psychology of making cross-eyed, red face and the road becomes staggering.
Brain edema
The second negative result is able to make brain edema or swelling and blood in brain tissue. Which can cause coordination problems in the normal brain.
Disorders Heart Disease
If consuming alcoholic beverages has become a habit in daily life then it will be bad for the health of internal organs, namely the heart. Too much consuming alcohol then it will make your heart work does not function properly.
Now that's an explanation of the positive and negative impacts of alcohol on health that you can know. So from now on making the most of the rules that the doctor recommended if you do not want to pose a risk to your health. 
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