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Tips Catfish Cooking To Not Smelling

You may already be familiar with this one fish is catfish. Fish that have the characteristics of a mustache and a sharply finned fish is one that is favored by lovers of culinary society in Indonesia. Fish that has the texture of the meat is tender and savory reason why catfish are preferred. Besides catfish preferred because it also contains a lot of nutrients in it that contains high levels of protein and other essential nutrients. However, the problem is the catfish tend to have a very pungent fishy smell when the process into cooking. Rework catfish is not easy as we imagine moreover no fishy smell or the smell of the soil. Are you one of those who also had difficulties when cooking catfish? Well things you should do when cooking catfish have to know how to eliminate the fishy smell of catfish that becomes more savory when eaten. Below I will present tips on cooking catfish so as not fishy. Immediately following note!

Tips Catfish Cooking To Not Smelling

The first thing you should do before cooking catfish that must be cleaned thoroughly. Until the body of catfish was rough and remove all the dirt that is in the stomach. Cleaning viscera and stomach before spiced catfish as clean as possible, the offal could be the culprit of the smell of the soil on the fish. The trick is to create cutouts in the back catfish to look sac gland. Remove the gland sac that is colored black. Try not to break, did the two sides.
The second tips please you soak catfish to spice previously inserted and wait for it to really sink in properly. The spices used are coriander, salt, garlic, turmeric and ginger are mashed and given water. Besides that way you can soak catfish into the water that has been given little salt before you leave the marinade.
Techniques for making seasoning can permeate with either thing you can do is broke our meat thin catfish. When cooked catfish about to try to always use the correct technique wrenching that is by slashed it from the back of the head to the rear tail to follow the line of his bones. Not only that, slashing this way helps the absorption of seasoning faster and faster fish crispy / dry when fried. Then soak in a way flipping the catfish in the seasoning.
Meanwhile, if you want to make the meat becomes crispy use lime. Besides being able to make, lemon juice can also make catfish becomes fishy. The way can be when before spiced or when going fried. Prepare just one to two limes depends a lot catfish will be cooked.

Now that's some explanation on how to cook a catfish that was not fishy you can do. Although seemingly simple and easy but there are some techniques that you need to pay attention primarily to eliminate the fishy smell of catfish. So and hopefully this time can be useful explanation.
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